Whether you own one or multiple chargers, we got you covered!


Maximize your charger usability to 100% and gain side revenues.

  • Monetize your charger(s)
  • Join what could be the biggest EV community in France
  • Advanced features for owners of multiple chargers to manage their assets
Map screen of the EEVY app

Rent your charger

Earn money by renting your charger to other EV drivers

Optimize your charger usability by making it available to the public when not in use and gain side revenues. EEVY accompanies you throughout your journey as the charger owners through our one-on-one support to ensure your peace of mind.

Home screen of the EEVY app

Check your reservations

EEVY allows you to see all bookings of your charger in one place

In the EEVY app, you can see your charger's bookings. Details include the date and time, the user name and ratings, payment, and car information. You could also communicate with the EV driver to get or give additional information if needed.

Profile screen of the EEVY app

Manage your Profile

Check your earnings, manage banking and personal information

In the EEVY app you can manage your profile, check your earnings and see a short summary of your activity. You also have the option to change your personal information or your banking information.