"EEVY was born out of necessity. The EU government has pledged to phase out the sale of thermal vehicles by 2035. There are currently nine times more electric vehicles (EVs) on French roads than chargers due to slow infrastructure progress. Our goal is to eliminate the stress of charging and accelerate future adoption of electric vehicle."

Who we are

Co-founded by Panji, Alexandre, and Samuel, our roots could be traced back to Austria, France, Indonesia, Italy, and Uzbekistan, with English, French, and German being the most spoken languages at the Eevy's office. Eevy is currently on a mission to be the most accessible charging network for everyone.

Sharing is caring. More importantly, sharing equals fewer CO2 emissions. At EEVY, the community that we create consists of people who want to improve the world. Coming from Schneider Electric, with over ten years of experience in tech start-ups in the US, Japan, and Southeast Asia, I envision EEVY as the one stop shop for anyone looking to cut down their CO2 emissions even further by sharing a charger.

Panji Agustian - the business guy

Picture of Panji Augustin

Passionate about new technologies, with an engineering background and a keen interest in sustainable development, EEVY is an opportunity for us to build a real community to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and curb global warming. I grew up in France and more particularly in Grenoble, the European green capital, which made me aware of a more responsible mobility. It is thanks to EEVY that we will be able to have a real impact on our mobility habits in France by making electric vehicle recharging simpler, safer and less expensive.

Alexandre Bonzi - the engineering guy

Picture of Panji Augustin

Having a background in full-stack development and working on multiple projects over the last few years gave me valuable insights into how successful projects are built. Since my childhood, I have wanted to create something meaningful, something you can be proud of! EEVY is exactly that: a solution that benefits everyone: the users and the environment!

Samuel Mitterrutzner - the software guy

Picture of Panji Augustin